The Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce is the voice of our business community.  As a group, we are focused on the facilitation of growth of commerce within the Borough of Park Ridge.  Your membership gives you and your business a strong voice within the community.


We plan on working closely with the Town Council, the residents and the businesses with the community to make Park Ridge a great place to live, work, shop, dine and to raise awareness of all the services that the businesses in this great town have to offer.


As a business owner, joining the Chamber of Commerce will give your business the opportunity to participate in joint marketing activities, advertising in local newspapers, first opportunities for primary sponsorship in all Chamber activities, invitations to business networking functions and a direct link to your website via the Chamber’s website.


Your dues are tax deductible as a reasonable and necessary business expense.  Membership dues are used toward advertising and other activities the Chamber sponsors.


Types of Memberships Available:


Regular Membership:  Includes all businesses within Park Ridge and residents who own a business outside of Park Ridge.  A regular membership entitles you and your business to exposure through all Chamber marketing materials, joint advertising, first opportunities for primary sponsorship in all Chamber activities and events, and invitations to all networking mixers.  It also includes a listing on our website with a link to your website.


Associate Membership:  Includes businesses or individuals who don’t live in Park Ridge or own a business in Park Ridge.  An associate membership gives you and your business access to other members and Park Ridge businesses through our meetings and networking events.  You will not be entitled to participate in joint advertising or other promotional activities paid for in whole or part by the Chamber.